Personalized Service "SELECT MATCH"

MuslimsRishta.com offer a Personalized Support Service “SELECT MATCH” for our member’s to avail the service of a dedicated advisor throughout the tenure of the membership who will. - Create a member Profile in details & verified. - Search a suitable Matches base on specific criteria & requirements. - Send weekly report about interest received and matches. - Initiate Contact and arrange meeting with approved Matches. Note : For any escalations the member can write an email to us selectmatch@muslimsrishta.com

Supporting Questions

Q. What about your Personalized Support Service?

MuslimsRishta.com has a Personalized Support Service Select Match this service start before 15 – 20 Year’s .

Q. What is Personalized Service mean?

In this Service Member Select Advisor he/she search out life partner directly at the behalf of member’s requirement.

Q. Did MuslimsRishta.com give any Guarantee that their advisor find out perfect match of the member’s through your Select Match Service?

Select Match is a Personalized Service that make the partner search easy for you. Your Select Match Service advisor will help you in enhancing your Profile - He / She help you with partner search. - Short list the profile and send expression of interest. However finding the perfect match during the given time period it depend upon your preferences and acceptance. NOTE : “We clearly inform you Personalized Service didn’t provide you any Guarantee that you would find your match through this service.”

Q. Why the rates for Select Match Service so expensive?

Select Match Service charges are expensive than other memberships because in this Service your higher dedicated advisor. Who help you in your partner search, contacts the prospects and initiates the communicate on your behalf and advise. Other than service member create your profile, search and express interest and communicate on their own base.

Q. Select Match Service advisor which type of help you provide to us than other memberships?

If you get our Select Match Service our advisor to do all activities for you the Select Match Service advisor will not only search within your criteria but also will suggest changes to your profile that would increase expression of interest or accepts.

Q. What is the Fee Structure of your Personalized Support Service Select Match.

Personalized service Fee is depend at your Case / requirement it will be finalized by our advisor after the discussion & meeting of the member.

Q. Did your advisor provide us any final time period?

NO, we didn’t give you any final time period because it depends on your requirement. If your requirement is higher and it didn’t match other member easily it take more time.

Q. Why we can believe you and paid a very heavy amount of your Personalize Service?

We didn’t sure we found your match through this service. But we inform you MuslimsRishta.com CEO / Founder Mrs Irshad directly involve and look after this service. She is working before 15 – 20 year’s she as thousand of client all over the world. They are successful of found out their perfect match through this service and also our team member / advisor are honest/ hardworking and sincere for our member’s. NOTE : if you are not satisfied with our personalized service / advisor you contact “Mrs. Irshad” by email, mobile cell,whatsapp.

Q. If I am not happy from our Select Match Service Advisor can I change him/her?

YES, If you are not satisfied with our advisor,you can send a email to our relevant department with reason of changing we will assign you another advisor soon.

Q. Can I renew my Personalized Service?

YES, You can inform our relevant department by email, Phone Call, if you are interested in renewal.

Q. Did Select Match Service Advisor Handle only my Profile / Case?

No, Select Match Advisor handle at a time multiple No of Profile/ Case.

Q. What does a Select Match Service Advisor do?

Select Match Advisor will guide and advise you during searching of your life partner.

- Profile Creation : Your ideal Profile will be created based on your lifestyle, interests, likes and dislikes, aspiration and your partner expectations.

- Search : Your advisor find out your perfect match in our data base their thousand of profile are present.

- Approval & Contact : Your advisor contact these member’s which approve by you.

- Meeting : After the approval advisor arrange meeting face to face in our office.

- Convince :our advisor has a ability to convince both of the family.

Q. If I am already a Member of MuslimsRishta.com. Can I change our membership into Personalized Support Matchmaking Service – SELECT MATCH?

Yes, of Course.

Q. What is the procedure can i change our membership into Personalized Service?

If you are interested to change your membership into Personalized Service you can sent a request email to our relevant department.

Q. If I have choose Personalized Service SELECT MATCH. Did I forgot/lose primary membership benefit.

No, we would like to reiterate that the primary benefit of this membership is the expertise provided the Select Match Advisor.

Q. What is the cost of your Personalized Service SELECT MATCH?

Please visit our payment page

Q. Why I should pay a heavy amount for a Select Match Service, When I get member who match me exactly by your other membership?

In personalized Service where you are treated as priority member and are assisted to find a perfect match faster as compare to other memberships. Here you are not paying your profile you pay our advisor effort & expertise of a Select Match Service advisor. Our Advisor performs these steps.

1- Create your comprehensive profile so that your chance of getting responses go up significantly.

2- Understand your partner needs and requirements and search on your behalf.

3- Screen hundreds of profile for you to suggest ones that matches your requirements.

4- Communicate with people on your behalf if required.

5- Send you a weekly update on interest received and matches matching your criterion.

Q. Will my Select Match Service Advisor update me regularly?

Your Select Match Advisor Update you once a week. You can also get in touch with your advisor by Email/Phone Call.

Q. What is the Benefit of SELECT MATCH SERVICE?

We give you some Benefit mention here. - Dedicated Select Match Service Advisor. - Advisor contact you 7/24 by Email, Phone call, whatsapp etc. - We Provide you Premium memberships (Diamond Star). - We Provide you best option of our memberships like bold listing, Spotlight etc.

Q. How many family member can communicate with a Select Match Service Advisor.

The Select Match Service Advisor would deal with two member of your family.

Q. Will Select Match Service Advisor arrange meeting between us?

Yes, It’s our part of duty our advisor to arrange meeting face to face By / Mobile Phone/whatsapp/skype etc.

Q. If your advisor didn’t search my match given time period. Did you refund our payment?

Don’t worry; If they don’t find out your perfect match given time period they have right to extend your time duration min (3) Month or more.

Q. Define your Personalized Support Matchmaking Service – SELECT MATCH Procedure.

- First of all you have to Create your account on MuslimsRishta.com and fill all given information about you it’s Free of Cost. - Second One if you are interested in our Personalized Service just fill request form. - Our Select Match Service advisor check your profile throughout at the behalf of your request, & him/her contact you ASAP at your given email address / contact number. - Finally Fee Structure & time duration they decides after the conversation and meeting with you.

Q. Some People didn’t pay full payment at a time of Personalized Service because it very big amount. Do you provide any relaxation ?

If they have any problem to payment structure please write an email to our relative department. They consider your application & inform you at your register email address / contact number Soon.