Be Safe Online

MuslimsRishta.com works hard to make your experience safe and fruitful. Our customer relations unit screen every member and its details to make sure that none of the rules are violated and everything is in control. However, no matter how diligently we work, there are things that are out of our control, in such cases, you as a member is responsible for your own safety and must take precaution while contacting any member. Here are some simple guidelines to protect your privacy;

1. Maintain your anonymity

No matter how well you know a member, always keep and maintain your anonymity. Our system of anonymous communication and messaging is for your own safety and you must not tell anything like your personal details to anyone at the initial stage. Get to know the person and see how transparent he/she keeps the communication and how much interested that person is.

2. Use emails

Instead of starting with giving off your personal details as phone numbers, it is advised that your use emails only. Communicate through emails and monitor them carefully, include your trustworthy friend in the process and ask him/her to read the mails and see for any discrepancies. People who pressurize you for personal details should be blocked instantly and reported to us. Don’t use your signature that includes your phone number, address and office numbers.

3. Request for a photo

Photos reveal a lot about a person, ask for photos and see how the person reacts, use the Request Photo option on the site and view several photos showing the person in different scenarios. If he/she is refusing to give the photos then there is something wrong about the person.

4. Talk on the phone

If you are considering someone for a phone call then you must have found everything right about him/her, up till now. Do not think that is someone has shared their photos with you and have agreed on talking on phone then he/she doesn’t have anything to hide. While talking on phone, consider your security, use a pre-paid number or use local telephone with blocking techniques to prevent any misuse in future. Only share your phone details after you completely trust the person.

5. Meet when you are ready

Only proceed to meeting if you find the person trustworthy and have all the required information about him like his family background and his work etc. the best thing about meeting online is that you can choose what to know and whether you’d like to proceed with the relationship. Only decide on meeting after talking to the person and being absolutely sure that the person is not dangerous. Always listen to your instincts and choose the right partner.

6. Meet in a safe place

Choose a safe place to meet and it’s a good idea to take someone with you; many people include their families in the matter but, only do it if you trust the other person completely. A mall or any other open place is a good option and do not accept any offer of dropping off in the first meeting and do not invite him to pick you from your home as it is not a good idea to show him your house, in case things doesn’t go as planned in the future.

7. Beware of money scams

You must have heard, money is the root cause of every evil and it is true in many cases. When communicating with a stranger, look for warning signs like asking for money, talking about money problems and trying to take money from you. Money scams are on the rise and you shouldn’t trust anyone who ask for money from you; in case someone asks for money, report the person to us immediately. In case of any concerns regarding the misuse of possible abuse, follow the following steps; - Go to the respective profile and report misuse against the profile - Our safety assurance team takes every complaint into account and act on it promptly - An email would be sent to you about the receipt of the complaint and the action taken - You can follow up on the complaints by using the Ticket ID