About MuslimsRishta.com

ABOUT MuslimsRishta.com

MuslimsRishta.com is a Muslims Matchmaking, Most Trusted & successful Pakistani Family Matrimonial Site it has been providing matrimonial services since 1999.

The main objective of MuslimsRishta.com to focus had been to help Muslim’s people living worldwide and locally to provide Save and Secure platform to find their life partners. You have a great chance of meeting someone new outside the circle of your family and friends for matrimonial and matrimony purposes.

Most of our user’s are Pakistani hail from all over the world yet. They have used over matrimony services to look for their life partner. read more

MuslimsRishta.com is a Premium Muslim Matchmaking site that is designed to facilitate the finding and meeting of suitable matches for marriage. It’s not a casual dating site and we make sure that all of the members understand it and use MuslimsRishta.com to find suitable life partner.

MuslimsRishta.com is available in Pakistan, United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, Middle East and others.

Thank you for visiting us today and being our member
Kind, Regards Mrs. irshad(Shaheen) CEO/Founder

Supporting Questions

Q. What about MuslimsRishta.com?

MuslimsRishta.com is only Muslims Matchmaking & Most Trusted Family Matrimonial Site.

Q. What is the Trade Mark or MuslimsRishta.com?

MuslimsRishta.com is a Pakistani Matrimonial Web Portal.

Q. is MuslimsRishta.com allowed all people to become members?

Sorry, MuslimsRishta.com is only Muslim site, it allowed only Muslims people they live different country all over the world.

Q. Which people used mostly MuslimsRishta.com?

Most of MuslimsRishta.com member are Pakistani they live different country all over the world. Such as Pakistan, United State, Canada, United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, Middle East and others.

Q. What is the difference between MuslimsRishta.com and other sites?

MuslimsRishta.com is only for Muslims, other sites registered all community people, mostly Pakistani people they live in Pakistan or abroad they also used Indian / USA site for matrimonial services. Most of Pakistani People are very hesitate & upset when they didn’t found their match & also they waste time and Payment.

Q. What is the Advantages of MuslimsRishta.com?

In Pakistan there is no Medium / Platform they are providing matrimonial service worldwide. At that reason most of Pakistani people use/register other country matrimonial site. They didn't get their match perfectly.

Q. Did MuslimsRishta.com Provide a Guaranty, members 100% search out their matches at site?

No, MuslimsRishta.com did not give any Guaranty to our member.

Q. Did MuslimsRishta.com Received any Authentic / Relevant document from members?

No, MuslimsRishta.com didn’t Received any document from our member at the time of registration.

Q. How you give idea your Members information is TRUE / FAKE? Did you have any department to check member information?

MuslimsRishta.com provide only Matrimonial Services if any members register at our site with a proper Email Address because we confirm their email address to sent his/her by confirmation message to their registered email address. When the member post their details and picture at MuslimsRishta.com site our relevant department check thoroughly their all information & picture and after scanning we approve registration and picture. NOTE: MuslimsRishta.com did not Confirm the detail of registered members are TRUE / FAKE. MuslimsRishta.com just show given information & Detail at his / her Profile.

Q. if member information is FAKE what can I do?

Any registered member or out site the person inform you about any member their given information are FAKE Please inform us MuslimsRishta.com team we'll take action. - We'll sent email at the behalf of our information department & inform this member we registered a complaint against you. - MuslimsRishta.com have a right to Deactivate their membership.

Q. Can I lodge a complaint against any member?

If any MuslimsRishta.com member is sending you obscene and abusive content, then you can contact MuslimsRishta.com team forwarding the screen shots of the communicate/email containing unwanted advances from the respective member. However if you are having any dispute with any member but that member has not violated the agreement then MuslimsRishta.com is not responsible to take any action.

Q. If member is Paid member?

MuslimsRishta.com also take action and hide / Deactivate their Profile and inform his/her by warning email.

Q. Will you give my information to any third party?

No. MuslimsRishta.com will not share your personal details like email, contact number etc with any third party or other members. Member will only be able to view which you have filed in your profile.

Q. What if I breach the Agreement? What can you do?

MuslimsRishta.com is clearly stated in our Agreement that if you revoke any of the articles of our Agreement, you will have to face serious charges and consequences.