Profile Management

Profile Management

Profile management is key if you want to be successful with your MuslimsRishta.com profile; members who keep their profile updated and filled with all the relevant information get higher results than the ones who sleep on their profiles. So, what are the things that you need to put in your profile?


Relevant photos showcasing your fun side yield more results and connect requests. They also help other members in accessing you in terms of potential partner.

Display Full Information

Fill in complete and genuine details like full name, religion, caste, height, etc. so that only the members who are genuinely interested in you, may contact you. Moreover, details about preferred partner should also be filled in completely to help us get you the most appropriate member profiles.

Check your Notifications

In case of new changes or new member requests, MuslimsRishta.com sends notifications to all of its members. As a member, you should check your notifications regularly so that you do not miss on any updates.

MuslimsRishta.com also offers Profile Management services for the busy bees that do not have enough time to keep their profiles updated. All you need to do is to click on the ‘Profile Management’ button and fill in the details including your contact numbers. Our team will contact you and communicate further.

Supporting Question

Q. How can I create a new Profile on MuslimsRishta.com?

Click the Sign up option and filling the form after you click the submit button you will receive an email telling you how to proceed.

Q. How can I change my contact information?

You change your contact information to edit contact details.

Q. How do I edit my Profile?

Click Edit Profile Page to edit all information.

Q. How can I change my display Name on my Profile?

You can change your name to use Privacy options inside your dashboard.

Q. Can I change any/all of my Profile information from the Edit Profile Page?

Yes, You can change most of the information in your Profile.

Q. Can I change my email address after the registration and create our Profile?

No. You can't change your email address after the registration of your profile because after the confirmation of your email address all corresponding b/w us depend on your given/confirm email address.

Q. Can I hide my Profile on temporarily basis?

Yes, you can use Hide/Delete option left side at your dashboard.

Q. I don’t like people to see my name what can I do?

You can use Privacy Option after you login on your Dashboard and choose any one what you like and You can write to us and we will change the Name for you.

Q. How to verify my Contact Number?

Login in your Account on MuslimsRishta.com choose contact verify option on Dashboard and enter your contact number, you will receive text message enter the Code Number on the website.

Q. How can I delete my Profile?

Login in your account left side of the Dashboard click Hide / Delete option and select delete my profile select reason of deletion any one and Submit.