Our Team

Our Team at MuslimsRishta.com is a group of hardworking people, who have a clear mission and one promise to keep i.e. to provide people with the best services in their search of life partners and make their wedding experience filled with memories. We believe to provide people with a value added and superior matchmaking service. We are dedicated in providing you with distinguished care and service to find out the perfect match for you. Our experienced team members are well aware and have a lot of expertise in understanding customer’s needs and introduce you with those people who match your psychology and lifestyle. Once you have created a profile on MuslimsRishta.com our team strives to be there with you in every step from selecting the best prospect to the planning of your wedding day.

Our dedicated team members have collaborated with technology and are committed to provide best matches to people who are looking for their soul mates through matrimonial sites. Our team under the leadership and guidance of Mrs. Irshad has been providing matrimonial services since 1999. Our success stories are a prove of our dedication and devotion to our work. We provide our premium users with special consultants who help them in finding their perfect match. MuslimsRishta.com is a Muslim match making matrimonial site. We help you in finding well settles families. We started off almost from scratch, our team has worked meticulously to create a rich and huge database of high profile clients from across the globe. Our team of matrimonial experts are well-versed in the dynamics of the Muslim marriage system. We have dedicated teams that cater to the requirements of various categories of Sunni, Shia, Barelvi, Wahabi, etc. This enormous database helps us to serve all the Muslims around the Pakistan who are looking for their special someone. Our team has further divided the database based on regional languages like Punjabi, Sindhi, Pashto, Siraiki, Urdu Speaking, Behari, etc. All these efforts are not because of creating a sense of differentiation, but to ensure that people can find their partners who are alike them and belong from same social backgrounds sharing a similar lifestyle.It has been said by our ancestors that the more two families share similar values the more it is easier for the newly wed to adjust with the new events happening in their lives. Following their footsteps, the team of MuslimsRishta.com has been very effective in building successful marriages so far and we continue to strive for our mission because marriage is an institution on which any society can be built or destroyed. With your support, our team will keep benefitting our clients by providing them with best matchmaking services in a courteous manner.