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Terms of Use / Service Agreement

Welcome to MuslimsRishta.com, your personal matchmaking platform; we help you in advertising and promoting your personal profile to the right potential partners. MuslimsRishta.com is, primarily, is an advertising site that makes sure that your profile appears in search results, emails, MuslimsRishta chat and SMS, which directs you in finding the most suitable life partner. Joining the site is absolutely free while we do offer Premium Memberships that has more features than the free membership.

Terms of Use

To be a part of the MuslimsRishta.com site, you must register as a member and agree to our Terms and Conditions. Every member is bound as per the terms detailed below and creates a profile as instructed in our Sign Up section. This site is a serious matchmaking site and, henceforth, should not be taken as a casual dating platform; we advertise and promote each profile to other members and help them in getting the most ‘Accepts’ and connecting with the right potential matches. MuslimsRishta.com holds the right to modify the terms as per the requirements and MuslimsRishta.co reserves the rights to accept or reject any profile, provided whatsoever reasons. This Agreement is prone to change and modifications.

1. Eligibility for Usage

To register, you are required to be of the legal marriageable age as per Pakistan’s law, 18 for girls and 21 for boys, and using the site with a serious and thoughtful intent of finding a life partner for yourself. You are hereby prohibited to use the site as a casual dating channel, as a medium to harass other members of the site and to engage into any unlawful activity. Up on finding that any of your provided information is untrue, you are of under marriageable age or not eligible to join MuslimsRishta.com due to any reasons, the site holds the right to terminate your membership without nay notice or refund.

2. Terms of Membership

You have the right to terminate your membership from MuslimsRishta.com at any time, and due to any reason, by writing to MuslimsRishta.com whereas MuslimsRishta.com is also entitled to cancel your subscription any time by sending you an email. Up on cancelation, from either side, you will not be entitled to any refund or subscription fees, if paid by you at the time of cancellation.

3. Terms of Use by Members

MuslimsRishta.com can be used only for personal use; being a member, you cannot utilize it for any commercial means i.e. to advertise other businesses, products or websites. Moreover, organizations, businesses and companies cannot be a part of MuslimsRishta.com and up on finding out any such act, strict legal action would be taken against the defaulter that may have serious consequences.

4. Other Terms

I. MuslimsRishta.com has the right to review and monitor the activity of each account and delete it if any illegal or dissolute activity is observed.

II. You hereby validate that you do not have any objection to receive emails, messages and calls from MuslimsRishta.com and its members as long as you are a member of the site. The provided phone number will be open to verification, advertising services and matchmaking queries and sponsorships.

III. Each member is allowed to have only one profile at a time and if any member is found to have multiple profiles, then MuslimsRishta.com has the rights to deactivate and delete all profiles without any notice and refund.

IV. You verify that all the personal information provided by you is is true and authentic.

V. To add a trust badge to your profile, you are advised to add your driving license, passport or any other government identity card or papers to your profile.

VI. We hold the rights take necessary measures to ensure the security and privacy of our members and protect them from any possible abuse and harm.

VII. You cannot use any automated programs to view or communicate with MuslimsRishta.com and its members and any such act will be dealt with by blocking the respective member profile

VIII. MuslimsRishta.com has the rights to screen every communication and information that you may send to other members and regulate them in case anything unwarranted is observed

IX. Each member is advised to take precautions to main their safety and privacy, MuslimsRishta.com has laid out simple precautions and it is hereby by each member to observe them otherwise MuslimsRishta will not be held responsible for anything

X. Registering with MuslimsRishta.com means that you understand and accept the terms and conditions of the site

5. Proprietary Rights in the Content

MuslimsRishta.com reserves the propriety rights in the site; it has licensed and copyrighted material that shouldn’t be copied, modified, duplicated or distributed without the written permission from the respective member or the MuslimsRishta.com site. If violated, the site is fully entitled to take the required legal action against the wrongdoer.

6. Content Posted on the Site

By registering with MuslimsRishta.com, you agree that MuslimsRishta.com has all the rights to accept, reject or delete any content, profiles, photos or content posted by the members of the site. Deleting or rejection of the content may be due to any reason with the foremost reason being violation of the Agreement. Following are some of the types of content that is prohibited to be used on the MuslimsRishta.com site. The site will take legal action against such members who do not follow the rules.

Illegal content includes Content which:

•is offensive and hurt the feelings of any community by promoting racism, hatred or verbal and physical harm of any social group

• promotes harassment of another person or community

• involves the diffusion of junk or unsolicited mail

• promotes information that is false, misleading abusive, threatening, obscene or defamatory

• contains constrained pages, password protected content or hidden pages/images

• has pornographic or sexually overt material of any kind

• exploits people under the age of 18 in a sexual or violent manner

• solicits passwords or personal identifying information for reasons other than usual MuslimsRishta.com usage

When using the site, you cannot share your personal details like phone numbers, home and office addresses or personal addresses in your member profile and you must agree to use the site under the local and state laws

7. Member Disputes

You will be exclusively responsible for your conversation with the other MuslimsRishta.com members or any disputes that may take place between you and other members of the site. MuslimsRishta.com does hold the right to intervene but not obliged to take action unless any of the members have breached any Agreement clause.

8. Other

By becoming a member, you agree on accepting the terms and conditions of MuslimsRishta.com and agree to keep them. however, you can unsubscribe from the service any time by clicking the Unsubscribe button located below each email that we send you.

In case of any questions about the agreement of MuslimsRishta.com, please contact us.