How it Works

Marriages are like finger prints, each one is different and special in its own way. is a muslim matrimonial site which is developed keeping in mind to cater not only the urban youth but also people who are not so familiar with using the complex social networking sites on daily basis. So, we have kept it simple and adaptable for every person belonging from any age group.

The first step is to get yourself registered by setting up your profile. You need to enter your basic information like name, religion, age, education, profession, etc. Complete your profile by uploading some pictures and a contact number which will make communication more effective. It’s better to make your profile look attractive to get more number of responses from interested people.

Once logged in to, you can search for people who match your requirements from a number of criteria which will make you one step closer to meet your companion.

In your profile, you can also express and mention your requirements or the qualities you are looking for in your life partner like religious background, education, social class, profession etc.

Make your first move by showing interest in members who are matching your preferences. You also have the option of accepting or declining the requests from people who do not match your criteria.

For more advance searches, you can set filters on those members who do not meet your requirements. In our society, people are more conscious about their caste/sects and prefer to get married with people belonging to the same clan. This way you will not be getting interest from people who do not match your demands.

For better and faster results, we prefer you to become a premium member of to avail better quality services. Though it has a registration fee but making a decision of getting married and selecting a person to spend your whole life with needs some more efforts and thoughts. Let’s not forget that tying a knot with someoneis considered to be one of the most important decisions in someone’s life. In we prefer to give control to our customers so that they can put filters according to their own needs and use interface features which may help them in contacting their potential partners.