Contacting & Responding

Supporting Question

Contacting and responding process is quite easy; once you have found your ideal match and gone through his/her profile, simply click on the ‘Contact’ button. After clicking, if you are premium member, you would be able to instantly connect with the member and chat with him/her. In case you are not a paid member, upgrade your membership today to get instant access to thousands of profiles.

Q. How can I contact other Member?

Once registered, based on your preferences, you will access number of profile that you can contact & communicate.

Q. What is the meaning of Accepting, Declining interest with a Member?

Member who Express interest in you will show in your inbox and your respond to these interests by Accepting or Declining them. Accepting interest indicates that you are agree to communicate with the member. Declining interest indicate that you are not interested in the member and do not wish to communicate further.