Membership Plans & Cost

MuslimsRishta.com offers a number of paid membership plans that are both convenient and easy on your budget. Some of the benefits of premium membership are;

  • Special offers from us.
  • Direct communication with the members.
  • Access to premium profiles.
  • Instant connection through MuslimsRishta.com Chat.
  • Discounts on multiple services.
  • Quick response.

MuslimsRishta.com Provide Three (3) Type of Membership. (1) Silver (2) Gold (3) Diamond Click Here for more details.

Supporting Question

Q. What is the cost of Member ships?

MuslimsRishta.com provide you different type of Memberships Plans Click Here

Q. What are the benefits of Free Membership?

You can avail of the following services as a free Member : - - Create and manage your Profile. - Add up to 5 Photos - Add your Partner Preferences you are looking for - Search and view Profiles. - Profile Statistics and Favorites - Use Privacy Options

Q. What are the right of Premium Memberships?

A Premium memberships approved on ASAP basis. They can write personal messages in their own words. They can communicate via email and SMS to other members. Priority display of Premium Member Profile on the search. MuslimsRishta.com provide them Bold Listing & Spotlight Facility. They can upload maximum five (5) Photos.

Q. What is the difference between a Free and Premium Member?

A Premium Member get approval immediately after they have submitted Profile and Payment is received. They have all the privileges to correspond with member & get higher ranking search. Free Member have to wait min 24 hours for membership approval and their privileges are limited.

Q. What is a Premium Membership?

A paid membership is called a Premium Membership. In Premium Member we have additional features by which they can promote their Profile to other Member.

Q. What are the different Membership Plans on MuslimsRishta.com?

MuslimsRishta.com Provide you Three different Membership Plans.

Q. What is Bold Listing?

Bold Listing makes your profile stand out in a search result page amongst thousands of other Profile and increased your chances of being contacted.

Q. What is Spotlight?

MuslimsRishta.com Spotlight option show your profile in our front Page and also show Profile in every members center of the Dash Board that increases your chances of being contacted by (10) time. Q Can I avail discounts while purchasing Premium Memberships?

MuslimsRishta.com offers discounts to new Premium Membership registrations from time to time as part of its ongoing promotion plan. If you have received a promotional code you can enter it while placing your order and receive your discount. If not we may not have any promotions running currently.

Q How can I renew / Upgrade my Membership?

Visit our membership page and upgrade your membership.

Q. What is the additional benefit of Premium Member do I get?

As a Premium Member you avail Bold listed, Spotlight facility and additionally you can also initiate chats with members

Q. What are the perks of paid membership and subscription?

Access to Premium content like promotions and advertisement, access to Premium Profile and added features of accessing MuslimsRishta.com chat and communication via personal MuslimsRishta.com account are some of the perks of being a premium MuslimsRishta.com member.

Q. Will be entitled to any refund in case of unsubscribing?

No. as per the MuslimsRishta.com Agreement, you are not entitled to any refund if you unsubscribe from our services.